Cech hopes Lamps lead team back to winning ways

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Former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech expects Frank Lampard to lead the club to victory after struggling since returning to Stamford Bridge.

Defeat to Arsenal last time out saw the Blues lose their sixth game in a row since Lampard returned to interim boss Graeme Potter. And is about to end the season disappointingly, not even returning to play in European football ufabet next season.

Although Cech left the position of technical director last summer But he also expressed his concern for his old club, hoping that Lampard could lead the team back to winning ways again.

“Obviously it’s sad to see the club as it is in the table as it is now,” Cech told Sky Sports. “But there are a lot of experienced players in the squad. There are, of course, difficult moments in their careers.”

“I hope Frank gets on well with the players and they can find a solution for the next game. Sometimes you just need one victory. One good result to turn it around. I hope they succeed.”

‘The players have shown to the world that they don’t deserve the Chelsea shirt. I make a difference between club and team. The club is a big club. The team is a shambles, a shame of that club. I wanted to turn off the TV, I was that ashamed.’