Dragon Tiger game formula takes less time

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Dragon Tiger is one of the games. Online gambling played on the online casino category. You can play Tiger Dragon anytime you want. In addition, playing the Dragon Tiger It only takes 1-2 minutes to play ,

as the time it takes to place bets on the Dragon Tiger game is less than a minute, at most 40 seconds . This allows you to make huge profits in just a few hours. But how to do it, want to know, must read the following content. And let’s make big money together.

Dragon Tiger Formula Online Casino Why It’s Easy to Make Big Money

hat online gambling will be able to generate large sums of money duration of play part. The longer you play, the more you lose. Therefore, Dragon Tiger online is easier to earn because it pays out winners with a multiplier ratio of 1:1 on each bet. It’s very easy to play, just guess where the winning side is in each game. One game takes no more than 2 minutes to play ufabet.

If counting for hours equals only 1 hour of play, you will be able to play up to 30 tiger games per hour. And if you play 200 baht per game, representing a percentage of loss in the form of 40:20:40. Which means the tiger side wins 40, draws 20, the dragon wins 40. It means that you have a chance to win 40 percent for a total of about 12 games. That is you have already paid. 4,200 baht. Isn’t that a lot for just one hour? But there must be a formula and technique. to be able to do this

Dragon Tiger Planning Formula

The first technique is planning to gamble on Dragon Tiger online. You calculate your money well before how many games you want to bet on Tiger and Dragon. If you have 5,000 baht as capital and want to play 200 baht per game, it means that you will be able to play 25 tiger dragons in total for more chances of winning And ignoring the moments that should not be played must be like this guide. because there is a formula to play to support you already Just follow the instructions from now on. 

 Determine how much money you want when playing them

The sum of money you want from the online dragon tiger. How much must you be satisfied? A capital of 5,000 may require 2,000-5,000 baht, so when you can gamble on the dragon tiger online, the amount of money you want has been reached. You need to stop playing immediately. to prevent unnecessary waste of money The profits that you have received What to do next, you can find the answer in the next item. but to prevent wasting money in vain The next topic is already waiting for you on what to do. When you don’t want to spend too much money

If you want to be rich, you have to choose not to lose more than how much.

If you do not want to lose money on gambling games Too many dragon tigers online . You just set the maximum amount that you can receive when you lose it. For example, your 5,000 baht funds Can lose as much as 3,000 baht, leaving a capital of 2,000 baht that I think is still enough to play with online dragon tiger betting

In order not to waste more money unnecessarily You must also play within the specified amount of money lost. not released to play beyond the limit Otherwise, you probably won’t gain anything by wasting your time playing Dragon Tiger.

Do not mix profits with capital

This is simple, if you play how much profit you have to think differently. and then subtract it from the money you have now. Or the easiest is to withdraw the profit that you can make each day. In order to leave only the capital in the Dragon Tiger game only. Or it can bring a lot of profit to fill in the first capital. But it must be divided into good proportions as well. Otherwise, you will not see any clear profits from playing Dragon Tiger as well.

Methods for playing tiger dragons online For big money, the first formula

The first formula that will be introduced is the formula for playing for big money. can be applied to the second formula Formula three Only those who have little capital and want to use this first formula should also assess their own capital. that can be played at how much In which the first formula will be the use of the compound money betting formula, for example, you bet 200 baht per game and lose. The next game in the Dragon Tiger bet allows you to bet at 400 baht. until a refund is received But of course, if it’s not really unlucky, you’ve already got your money back in the Dragon Tiger.

How to play online For Big Money, Formula Two

The second formula is that you have to look at the statistics of which side of the 1-9 small cards have completed 5 games. If they are complete in the 6th game, you can choose to bet on that side. Because there is a 70 percent chance that a big card will come out of that side. It can be called almost guaranteed to win.

Formula for playing Dragon Tiger for big money, Formula Three

The last formula is that you have to check the statistics as before. that there are continual alternating wins Or is it winning either side continuously? Once the check is complete, bring that statistic as a reference to gamble on the Dragon Tiger. But must stop playing immediately when losing more than 3 games of dragon tiger bets in a row and then wait for a new set of statistics from playing that we do not bet or move the table the easiest