Juventus hit the lion’s field and hunt for Pulisic, Ziyech too

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Juventus Football Club specializes in assessing the situation of opposing teams facing problems within the organization. The latest case of Chelsea being sanction by the British government. until unable to carry out any activities. That generate income Also preparing to be attack by the Serie A superpowers. The other two players under the agency ufabet are Christian Pulisic and Hakim Ziyech.

Reports from ‘ Informacione Sport ‘ have made progress that the Bianconeri are preparing to contest players from Stamford Bridge. With the first two to be sure of defender Anto . Nio Rudiger, who has expired as a free agent, has agreed verbally at the Allianz Stadium to receive a four -year contract worth € 6.5 million – per – season.  

The other part is midfielder Jorginho, who has the last year of his contract left and probably won’t sign more. As a result, the summer 2022 market must be sold at a cost of not more than 15 million euros.

Recently appeared two offensive names , Pulcic, the captain of the US national team and Ziyech, the hook-footed footballer who sent the ball sharply. get into the shortlist But it’s not the first choice. Because it is the second choice in the event that Zebra failed to grab Nicolo Zaniolo from Roma  

It all depends on the decision on the future of senior player Paulo Dybala, who has run out of contracts to sign more or transfer as a free agent. In the case of choosing the latter , Juventus will have a new full complement of strategies.