Koeman reveals working with Barca has damaged his mental health.

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Ronald Koeman admits that working as a Barcelona coach requires him to deal with pressure and stress that affects his mental health.

Ronald Koeman, head coach of the Netherlands national team, revealed that working as boss of Barcelona is damaging the mental health of the people in charge of the job, which Xavi Hernandez is well aware of before the 44-year-old trainer. Pee will announce that he will step down from his position after the end of this season, according to a report from ‘UFABET’ last Thursday.

Koeman took over as Barcelona’s coach in the summer of 2020. He led the team to win the Copa del Rey in the 2020-2021 season, but Joan Laporta decided to fire the Dutch coach on the 27th. October 2021 before pulling Xavi to take over the position after that. 

‘Being Barca’s coach is a detriment to one’s mental health. Being a Barcelona player is more fun than being a coach and Xavi, as a Catalan and son of the club, no doubt knows that,’ Koeman said.

During Koeman’s tenure as Barcelona coach, he suffered a heart problem that require him to be hospitalize for a short time. 

‘(It’s) the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I get pressure and stress. [I still have] conflicts with Laporta, unlike Xavi.’ ทางเข้า ufabet

‘He came from Qatar and later movedto Barcelona And he was not use to the negative press. He only received compliments. The media points a gun at you. If things don’t go well That’s the coach’s fault. I still have to endure that stress and pressure.’